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SCºPE36º is created as an iPad (2+) application. We chose this platform, because of the consistency in hardware specifications and operating system updates. The App can also be developed for Android devices and as a flash player for your website. Mobile phones are too small for this experience in our opinion, but very well possible.

360º Camera

we use a spherical digital video camera system with 6 high-resolution 2MP Cameras that enable the system to collect more than 80% of the full 360º sphere. This camera is ideal for collecting the high resolution video we use in Scºpe36º. The video will be 'stitched' seamless by the camera software and a team specialised editing professionals. We capture both video and audio on location to create a full 360º experience. '360º Walk throughs' are possible by using our dolly system and even live streaming (to mobile devices) is an option.


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Download the RAI Virtual Tour App to your own iPad2 or higher and see how this could work for you. Click the download icon on the right while visiting this site on iPad.

Scºpe36º DEMO

User interface RAI

Maurits van der Sluis, executive VP at Amsterdam RAI, said:

“It has never been easier to envision an event at the RAI. This cutting-edge marketing tool is typical of the way Amsterdam RAI pushes the needle of innovation in the exhibitions, conventions and events sector.”

Carsten Schmitz - DORTMUNDtourismus Event management and consultancy

Scope360 bietet ein interaktives 360° Bildersystem an mit dem man Hallen- oder Saalpläne sehr lebendig darstellen kann. Das ist ein tolles innovatives System für das Kongresshotel aber auch die Messe bzw. Veranstaltungszentrum. Man kann es als App nutzen oder in eine Website integrieren.

Schau dir das doch mal an, es ist wirklich beeindruckend.